Nine Hole Promo Events




U.S. Kids Golf Australia is proud to offer junior golfers in Western Australia the opportunity to play competitive golf in a fun, supportive environment. Our Nine Hole Promo Events are a great way to either introduce kids to tournament golf or to continue to develop their confidence and knowledge of the game . They are run in a fun, age and gender specific, reduced yardage format. The emphasis is on FUN so that kids want to continue to play. 



      Melville Golf Centre Four Tournament Challenge 

Where: Melville Golf Centre

18 Diamond Circuit, Leeming

Commencing at: 8.30am rego for 9.00am Tee off

Cost: $30.00 per event

*Medals To Be Won*

*Special Tee Gift For All Entrants*

*Nine Holes For All Age Groups*



 Event 1

When: Sunday  November 19th 2017 

*Registration Closed*


Event 3

When: Sunday April 15th 2018







Event 2

When: Sunday January 21st 2018



Event 4

When: Sunday July 15th 2018




Event Conditions


Age Categories   Age as of day of Tournament.         

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Boys                                                                   Girls

 Boys 6 & Under – 9 Holes                           Girls 6 & Under – 9 Holes

Boys 7 – 9 Holes                                            Girls 8-9 – 9 Holes                                                                               

Boys 8  – 9 Holes                                           Girls 10-11  –  9 Holes                                                               

Boys 9 – 9 Holes                                            Girls 12-14 – 9 Holes

Boys 10 – 9 Holes

Boys 11 – 9 Holes

Boys 12 – 9 Holes

Boys 13-14 – 9 Holes                                    

Note:  Age as of day of Tournament


Entries Close On the Thursday prior to the event at 3.00pm. There are no late entries. Tee times will be sent out on the Friday prior to the event by 5.00pm.


All players in this event must be accompanies by a caddie who is over 18 years of age 


The event goes on rain, hail or shine. Only lightning or an “Act of God” will postpone or cancel the event.

Entry Fee

Entry Fee is not refundable if the player withdraws after 5.00pm hours on 14th September 2018.


The event is considered a ‘’played event’’ if 3 of 9 holes are played

by the last playing group.

Entry fees are not refunded if the event is considered a “played event”.


Prizegiving will be held immediately after the last playing group is finished. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 place getters in each age and gender division.


All Players, Caddies and Associates play or attend this event at their own risk.



For more information please contact U.S. Kids Golf Australia

(m) 0409 443 788    (e)